Now booking workshops for 2020

The Queer Birth Club was born out of necessity to fill the void of LGBT+ inclusion in the birth world.

Our vision is that birth and parenthood is improved for all who birth and parent.

Adding and amplifying voices of the overlooked and often invisible minorities in the birthing world.

We want every health care professional and birth workers to feel able, competent and excited to support families that exist outside the world's cis - hetero normality.

We want to improve outcomes from LGBT+ parents by sharing our knowledge, lived experience and our voices with those who need to hear us.

What We Do...

The Workshop

The only workshop of it's kind in the UK

One day LGBT+ competency in birth workshop delivered at a time and place of your choosing.

Education & Speaking

Whether you want a guest for a podcast or someone to attend your event please get in touch

The Book

The only book of it's kind.

Bringing together the lived experience of LGBT+ Parents.

Why you should hire us & pay us.

As someone in the industry of birth and babies you understand the importance of being inclusive. If you are, even unknowingly, excluding some families from accessing your services, this isn't just bad business sense, it's unfair on those families that need your help.

Your birth or baby business needs to move with the times. More and more LGBT+ are adopting, birth and fostering their families than ever before. More and more people are coming out as LGBT+ then ever before.

Move with the times, be on the right side of history and ensure that you business is inclusive.

The below link will explain why you should hire me, why you should pay me.

As a professional from an under represented community, it's important our voices are heard. However, it's imperative that we are paid for our time, emotional labour and knowledge.