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What We Do

The Queer Birth Club was founded by AJ Silver - They / Them out of necessity to fill the void of LGBT+ inclusion in the birth world.

AJ is a highly trained and experienced birth & postnatal Doula, a probationary breastfeeding counselor and a qualified babywearing consultant.

Their works have been shared by AIMS, you can click here to see the article, Birthrights and The Student Midwife Journal have also shared AJ's work on their social media and, they have been guest on podcasts such as: Badass Birth , Sprogcast & Plus size and Pregnant. .

Their course has been taught all around the UK at universities, NHS trusts and private companies, it has been made mandatory education for many birth worker schools and booked by companies such as: The NCT, Abuela Doulas and Maternity Voice Partnership.

They bring together the stories and experiences of members of the LGBT+ community; Adding and amplifying the voices of the overlooked and often invisible minorities in the birthing world.

AJ is currently writing a book which will work along side the workshop, as well as independently to reach more birth workers so that LGBT+ parents have a better chance of getting the support they need and deserve.

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Non Binary People

Our workshop its the only one of its kind in the UK; recently it has been made mandatory education for several Doula schools and Hypnobirthing practitioners training courses.

It has been desgned as a safe and open enviroment where you will learn and discuss a vast array of topics from the basics of inclusive language to much more complex topics such as the systematic and personal oppressions LGBT+ parents experience in their journey.

Our aim is that at the end of this workshop you will understand your place and purpose as an ally to LGBT+ parents and leave confident and motivated to continue on the path of creating more visibility and accesibility for the community.

For further details please download the PDF files here

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We are always happy to answer any questions you might have just drop us a line!

Tel: 07982 145152